What clients and organizations have had to say about me:

‘Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.’ Is quite a fitting way to explain Aric’s approach to everything. As a web consultant Aric prides himself on getting to the core of what will work best.
Javid Gibson, The Buffalo Farm

Aric is a consummate professional – he is constantly implementing new digital marketing strategies, expanding and building our social media channels, and ensuring strict adherence to the most up-to-date UX and web standards; all the while liaising and coordinating with all of our external agencies, our developers and our business development partners. Just going by his current work ethic and thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, I foresee plenty of success and satisfaction for Aric down the line. I am grateful for his consistent, humble and dedicated service to Urban Real Estate of New York.
Evan Sheftel, Urban Real Estate NYC

Aric has provided web site support on several occasions for New Attitude. He has a great deal of expertise and he solves and manages technical problems that arise in a timely manner. He is an excellent resource for a growing company that requires on-going assistance with their web-based marketing.
Irene Healey, New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc.

Aric is an organized leader with a limitless CEO mind-set. Projects are executed in a timely fashion, by meeting all expected deadlines. Working with Aric has not only expanded the company externally but internally as well. We are looking forward to future endeavours.
Cameron Hackett, Tomato Gold Studio


More of what clients and organizations have had to say about me:

Aric devoted himself to guiding us regarding current web technologies, web and mobile best practices, internet trends and the possibilities of a web application developed externally. He also took a keen interest in embedding himself in our industry in order to provide us w/ the most valuable advice and service going forward.
Robert Williams, Urban Real Estate NYC

Aric is a perfect blend of technical & managerial knowledge. He is enthusiastic and always open for new ideas. He is a good organizer and a great leader. It has been great working with Aric, not only as an associate, but a lot of learning beyond the scope of job profile too.
Rajneesh Khattar, PINKSTA, Jack Parrot

I worked with Aric on several web projects. He is very passionate about graphic design and web development. I appreciate his emphasis on details and ability to deliver on time. He is also a strong team player.
Stanislav Tvaruzek, Innova Apps EU

Aric was very friendly and outgoing. He was able to quickly direct me towards the best plan for my website to suit my needs. He also offered great value for his services.
Amanda Orlando, Author

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