Website Support, Maintenance; eCommerce & Digital Content.

“I need help from design to development.”
“I have a design but no one to build it.”
“I have a website but I don’t like a lot of things about it.”
“I have a website but it needs monthly upkeep.”

Content Management Systems (CMS) & eCommerce Platforms

What’s Also Included:

Hosting management

This includes me choosing/setting up/maintaining your web host admin panel, account management, pricing, optionally FTP, domain management, DNS management, troubleshooting.

Site backups and recovery

Backups are a must-have for every type of website.

Aric has provided web site support on several occasions for New Attitude. He has a great deal of expertise and he solves and manages technical problems that arise in a timely manner. He is an excellent resource for a growing company that requires on-going assistance with their web-based marketing.
Irene Healey, New Attitude Prosthetic Designs Inc.


Software updates

Like for WordPress or Joomla! or Drupal; or Magento, WooCommerce & AEM. Or just regular patches for your server/Virtual server.

Configuration, design and development tweaks

Communication, requests, integrations, researching of alternatives, testing options, fine-tuning configurations/customizing, confirming on multiple devices; regular status reports re: custom work.

‘Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.’ Is quite a fitting way to explain Aric’s approach to everything. As a web consultant Aric prides himself on getting to the core of what will work best.
Javid Gibson, The Buffalo Farm


Website Support, Maintenance; eCommerce & Digital Content:

Technical support and troubleshooting

Investigation and resolution of issues. The scope of which is technical support (e.g., domain issues, hosting, WordPress core, themes, plugins). By email, or if you prefer, by support tickets/help desk.

Content updates and changes

Even with a CMS like WordPress, content updates can take a lot of time and, for many clients, is an unfamiliar process.

Consultation & Facilitation

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Aric is an organized leader with a limitless CEO mind-set. Projects are executed in a timely fashion, by meeting all expected deadlines. Working with Aric has not only expanded the company externally but internally as well. We are looking forward to future endeavours.
Cameron Hackett, Tomato Gold Studio


Work reports

You’ll get recurring email updates, best practices, tips, and reminders from me tailored to your website requirements.

I’m a specialist. I know business; I know brands; I know websites. And you can have that hands-on expertise available to you in an incredibly efficient manner.

never mistake a clear view for a short distance.

peace of mind. optimization. updates. expertise.. results. troubleshooting  


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